Sentence Examples

  • For applications of the hodograph to the solution of kinematical problems see Mechanics.
  • So far these theorems on vortex motion are kinematical; but introducing the equations of motion of § 22, Du + dQ =o, Dv+dQ =o, Dw + dQ dt dx dt dy dt dz and taking dx, dy, dz in the direction of u, v, w, and dx: dy: dz=u: v: w, (udx + vdy + wdz) = Du dx +u 1+..
  • The circulation being always zero round a small plane curve passing through the axis of spin in vortical motion, it follows conversely that a vortex filament is composed always of the same fluid particles; and since the circulation round a cross-section of a vortex filament is constant, not changing with the time, it follows from the previous kinematical theorem that aw is constant for all time, and the same for every cross-section of the vortex filament.
  • The terms of 0 may be determined one at a time, and this problem is purely kinematical; thus to determine 4)1, the component U alone is taken to exist, and then 1, m, n, denoting the direction cosines of the normal of the surface drawn into the exterior liquid, the function 01 must be determined to satisfy the conditions v 2 0 1 = o, throughout the liquid; (ii.) ' = -1, the gradient of 0 down the normal at the surface of the moving solid; 1 =0, over a fixed boundary, or at infinity; similarly for 02 and 03.
  • The determination of the O's and x's is a kinematical problem, solved as yet only for a few cases, such as those discussed above.