Sentence Examples

  • Springfield's character agreed to return to the show after being persuaded to do so by Dr, Robin Scorpio, played by actress Kimberly Anne McCullough, who requested his assistance with a difficult case.
  • Their children Roman, Bo, Kayla and Kimberly are heavily involved across the canvas and while Bo was always considered the reckless one, his family loyalty never came into question.
  • Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay): The matriarch of the family and Shawn Brady's widow, she is mother to Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, and Bo, and the adoptive mother of Frankie and Max.
  • One of the most memorable season finale's of the series involved Kimberly pulling off a wig to reveal a bald head and a wicked scar she received in a previous accident.
  • Kimberly Locke was born in 1978 in Hartsville, Tennessee and found her fame and fortune as an R&B and contemporary pop singer as well as a plus size model.