Sentence Examples

  • By 1947, Stalin regularly sent out expeditions of geologists and diamond hunters to search for kimberlite in hopes of discovering diamond-rich land.
  • In the early 1930s, Soviet geologists reported that certain parts of Siberia had the right conditions to produce kimberlite.
  • Normally kimberlite pipes produce diamonds at a rate that increases each year before reaching a plateau.
  • Pearls are found in the state, especially in the Cumberland River, and it is supposed that there are diamonds in the kimberlite deposits in Elliott county.
  • It is only in the more northerly part of the country that the pipes are filled with blue ground (or " kimberlite "), and that they are diamantiferous; but over a great part of Cape Colony have been discovered what are probably similar pipes filled with agglomerates, breccias and tuffs, and some with basic lavas; one, in particular, in the Riversdale Division near the southern coast, being occupied by a melilite-basalt.