Sentence Examples

  • CALIPH, Calif, or Khalif (Arab.
  • In Kordofan in 1899 the khalif a met his death, the country having already passed into the hands of the new Sudan government.
  • Since the accession of Tewfik, the tyranny of the Turkish system was apt to be forgotten, while the appeal to rally in support of their khalif found a response in the hearts of many Egyptians.
  • Though the Khalif were hapless as Bayezid, cruel as Murad, or mad as Ibrahim, he is the shadow of God, and every Moslem must leap up at his call ou will say, The Egyptian is more ungrateful than a dog, which remembers the hand that fed him.
  • He was succeeded by the principal khalif a, Abdullah ci Taaisha, a Baggara Arab, who for the next thirteen years ruled the Sudan with despotic power.