Sentence Examples

  • Weeks 33-36: The fetus reaches approximately 41-48 cm. (16-19 in.) in length and weighs 2.6-3.0 kg (5 lb. 12 oz. to 6 lb. 12 oz.). Body fat continues to increase, lanugo begins to disappear, and fingernails are fully grown.
  • Weeks 21-24: The fetus reaches approximately 28.5 cm. (11.2 in.) in length and weighs approximately 0.7 kg (1 lb. 10 oz.). Hair grows longer on the head, and the eyebrows and eye lashes finish forming.
  • The pressure of the air is a convenient unit to employ in practical work, where it is called an " atmosphere "; it is made the equivalent of a pressure of one kg/cm'; and one ton/inch 2, employed as the unit with high pressure as in artillery, may be taken as 150 atmospheres.
  • Draw a vertical at D, intersecting fh, kg, in s and q.
  • With metric units, measuring P in kg., and C in litres, the G.D.