Sentence Examples

  • Columbium hydride, CbH, is obtained as a greyish metallic powder, when the double fluoride, CbF 5, 2 KF, is reduced with sodium.
  • Lay off kf, hg, horizontal and equal to 1.
  • Also mn/mf = hk/kf 'or' mn-W (l-x)/l, which is the reaction at A due to the load at C, and is the shear at any point of AC. Similarly, po is the reaction at B and shear at any point of CB.
  • - Potassium fluoride, KF, is a very deliquescent salt, crystallizing in cubes and having a sharp saline taste, which is formed by neutralizing potassium carbonate or hydroxide with hydrofluoric acid and concentrating in platinum vessels.
  • Other salts of composition KF 2HF and KF 3HF, have been described by Moissan (Comet.