Sentence Examples

  • You can buy one that has a keychain attachment so whenever you are in the car in traffic, you can simply unclasp the ball and start working on your stress.
  • For the individual who wants everything in one place, the trucker's wallet is a combination leather checkbook cover, wallet, notebook, and keychain.
  • The Coby 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Keychain is available in black or white available from storage space on this is much, much less than the Soban keychain, but it will still hold roughly 60 pictures.
  • A Soban keychain, which is essentially a miniature digital photo album, makes it easy to transport and show off your family photo album without risking creasing or tears of the original photographs.
  • They existed as little keychain animals that couldn't be turned off and would beep often for food or to be played with, and many found that to be worse than a real animal.