Sentence Examples

  • KETENES, in chemistry, a group of organic compounds which may be considered as internal anhydrides of acetic acid and its substitution derivatives.
  • Two classes may be distinguished: the aldo-ketenes, including ketene itself, together with its monoalkyl derivatives and carbon suboxide, and the keto-ketenes which comprise the dialkyl ketenes.
  • The aldo-ketenes are colourless compounds which are not capable of autoxidation, are polymerized by pyridine or quinoline, and are inert towards compounds containing the groupings C :N and C :O.
  • The ketenes are usually obtained by the action of zinc on ethereal or ethyl acetate solutions of halogen substituted acid chlorides or bromides.
  • It differs from the simple ketenes in that it is apparently unacted upon by phenols and alcohols.