Sentence Examples

  • Coccifera, a small bush growing in Spain and many countries around the Mediterranean, furnishes the kermes dye ([[Kermes).
  • Kermes), the pistachio or terebinth tree, the sumach (Rhus pentaphila), and other species of Rhus which are widely spread.
  • Until about 1725 the belief was very prevalent that cochineal was the seed of a plant, but Dr Martin Lister in 1672 conjectured it to be a kind of kermes, and in 1703 Antony van Leeuwenhoek ascertained its true nature by aid of the microscope.
  • Since its introduction cochineal has supplanted kermes (Coccus ilicis) over the greater part of Europe.
  • The Sanskrit word is krimi, which has given kermes, the cochineal insect, whence "crimson."