Sentence Examples

  • Dynasty, derived from his work at Kerma and Defufa,43 are of great historical importance.
  • The North Staffordshire moved up to the front, and in September the army moved on Kerma, which was found to be evacuated, the dervishes having crossed the river to Hafir.
  • The railway up the right bank of the Nile was continued to Kerma, in order to evade the difficulties of the 3rd cataract; but the sirdar had conceived the bold project of cutting off the great angle of the Nile from Wadi Haifa to Abu Hamed, involving nearly 600 m.
  • The first-mentioned line reached Kerma in May, and by July the second had advanced 130 m.
  • (The railway which started from Haifa and followed the right bank of the Nile to Kerma, 201 m.