Sentence Examples

  • On still another hill, Kampala, the British fort and government and European quarters are situated.
  • Of Kampala, and connected with it by monorail, is Kampala Port, on Victoria Nyanza.
  • This attitude was welcome to neither faction, and for some days the position of the new arrivals on the little knoll of Kampala was very precarious.
  • Lugard appealed to the king to do justice, but he himself was treated with scant courtesy, and his envoy was told that the French party would sack Kampala if Lugard interfered on behalf of the murdered man.
  • They now clamoured for recognition, and Lugard went to meet them, and after a somewhat precarious and very difficult interview he succeeded in bringing back their king Mbogo to Kampala, and in assigning them three minor provinces in Uganda.1 Lugard on his return to Uganda at the end of r891 had received orders to evacuate the country with his whole force, as the company could no longer maintain their position.