Sentence Examples

  • Wear your boots beneath the pant legs if your jumpsuit features boot cut legs; when wearing a stretch denim jumpsuit that tapers down to skinny legs, you can wear your boots on the outside of the pant legs.
  • The jumpsuit became a bit of a glamorous thing during the late 1930s, when actress Katharine Hepburn stepped onto screens nationwide in the film Stage Door wearing a monogrammed, silk jumpsuit.
  • Not only did this trendy style show up on numerous fashion runways in the spring fashion shows, but since then the jumpsuit has proven that, for now, it is here to stay.
  • A good first bet is a pair of dark overalls or an overall jumpsuit with a wide-leg silhouette and a snap front, and then you can build on your wardrobe from there.
  • Once you find the denim jumpsuit of your dreams, get ready to enjoy a variety of casual and dressy-casual events in a garment that's made to fit curves to a T.