Sentence Examples

  • The coprolitic stratum of the Speeton Clay, on the coast to the north of Flamborough Head, is included by Professor Judd with the Portland beds of that formation.
  • Judd that this structure may be due to mechanical stresses.
  • It represented in the Old Testament a thorough and independent revision of the text of the Great Bible with the help of the Hebrew original, the Latin versions of Leo Judd (1543), Pagninus (1528), Sebastian Munster (1534-1535), and the French versions of Olivetan.
  • Judd, 3rd ed., 1907); Volkerpsychologie (190o-1906); Einleitung in die Philos.
  • The New England Homestead (weekly; published by the Orange Judd Company), Farm and Home, a semi-monthly, and Good Housekeeping, a monthly (published by the Phelps Publishing Company), and the Kindergarten Review (monthly, published by the MiltonBradley Company, who publish other educational matter) are important periodicals.