Sentence Examples

  • Measure is equivalent to 4.177 joules per calorie at 16.5° C., on the scale of Joule's mercury thermometer.
  • Thisconstant, now designated as Joules equivalent, is the principal experimental datum of the science of thermodynamics.
  • Assoc. Report, 1899, with a slight modification Specific Heat Of Water In Terms Of Unit At 20° C. 4.180 Joules to allow for the increase in the specific heat below 20° C. This was estimated in 1899 as being equivalent to the addition of the constant quantity 0.020 to the values of the total heat h of the liquid as reckoned by the parabolic formula (5).
  • 10° 15° 20° 2 5° 3 O ° 35° Joules Per Cal.
  • By Ohm'S Law, And By The Definition Of Difference Of Electric Pressure Or Potential, We Obtain The Following Alternative Expressions For The Quantity Of Heat H In Joules Generated In A Time T Seconds By A Current Of C Amperes Flowing In A Wire Of Resistance R Ohms, The Difference Of Potential Between The Ends Of The Wire Being E = Cr Volts: H=Ect=Crt=E Z T/R.