Sentence Examples

  • The varieties gracilis and tenuior are now supposed to be hybrids between the Jonquil and some other species, or between N. intermedius and juncifolius, N. intermedius itself being a hybrid between some form of N.
  • The Jonquil, when strongly grown on a warm border, is handsome and very sweet-scented, and N. gracilis is the latest of all single Narcissi, as it blooms with N. poeticus fl.-pl. in May or early June.
  • Rush Jonquil (Hybrid Narcissi Juncifolius) - A small plant, suitable only for sheltered borders, for stone edgings, and for pot-culture in a cold frame.
  • In Bloom by Jonquil: With its short length and white lace trim, this is the perfect matching style for the warmer weather months.
  • Jonquil (Hybrid Narcissi Jonquilla) - Long known in gardens, and imported from Italy and Holland for forcing in pots.