Sentence Examples

  • 29-33; see Jethro; Kenites).
  • The Jethro Coffin House was built in 1686, according to tradition; the Old North Vestry, the first Congregational meeting-house, built in r 7 r r, was moved in 1767, and again in 1834 to its present site on Beacon Hill.
  • Thus Jethro Tull (17th century), with whose name the beginning of FIG.
  • And direct the people upon the march not only does Moses require the assistance of a human helper (Jethro or Hobab), but the angel, the ark, the pillar of cloud and of fire and the mysterious hornet are also provided.
  • Horeb, after the latter had taken leave of Jethro, and, later on, accompanies him into the presence of Pharaoh.