Sentence Examples

  • The rooms are extremely comfortable, and well-equipped for today's executive, You'll find ergonomic chairs, plus data port, voice mail services, and a gym and Jacuzzi for those seeking exercise and recreational fun.
  • In addition to its slopeside location there is a fitness center, heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi, and an in-house restaurant and bar for convenient access to always-necessary food and drink.
  • Unlike the ice in your freezer, dry ice changes directly from solid to gas, making for some potentially entertaining special effects at parties (try it in the pool or Jacuzzi!).
  • Inspect the tub thoroughly before installing - Check your new Jacuzzi tub for surface defects and defects in the plumbing and hardware that come with your tub.
  • Rustic bunkhouses are open during the summer and feature some adult-only weeks and weekends, and the hotel includes studio, deluxe, and Jacuzzi rooms.