Sentence Examples

  • He also largely employed Jews and Ishmaelites,' the financial specialists of the day, whom he rewarded with lands and titles.
  • On the other hand, both the Jews and the "Ishmaelites " (Mahommedans) enjoyed complete civil and religious liberty in Hungary, where, indeed, they were too valuable to be persecuted.
  • The Ishmaelites, the financial experts of the day, were the official mint-masters, treasurers and bankers.
  • It is a late production; for Ishmaelites are spoken of, the Crusades, and the taking of Jerusalem.
  • The colonists also, pressing forward to those territories, came in contact with these Ishmaelites - the farmers' cattle and sheep, guarded only by a Hottentot herdsman, offering the strongest temptation to the Bushman.

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