Sentence Examples

  • This is the perfect choice for those that may be a bit wary about committing to a full sized handbag, but are still interested in owning a style that is charmingly irreverent.
  • VO3659B: Delightfully irreverent, this pair of frames come in a light lilac color, is delicate with its metal frame, and even features a small flower at its temple.
  • Informal spa and beauty seminars are often available, as well as enrichment lectures themed to the ship's itinerary, but passengers will find very few games, contests, or other irreverent activities.
  • For the guy whose style is as irreverent and light as his sense of humor, wearing hilarious T shirts is one way to let the world know he doesn't take himself too seriously.
  • Amusing, risqué or irreverent engravings can be made on other items of jewelry without fear of it detracting from the special nature of the wedding ring.