Sentence Examples

  • This property is referred to as the "irrationality of dispersion."
  • The general test of irrationality which he established is that, if a l a, a, be an interminate continued fraction, a l, a2,
  • Moreover the greater depths of the curves (or "curvature powers") in itself neutralize more or less the advantages obtained from the reduced irrationality of dispersion.
  • This want of proportion in the dispersion for different regions of the spectrum is called the "irrationality of dispersion"; and it is as a direct consequence of this irrationality, that there exists a secondary spectrum or residual colour dispersion, showing itself at the focus of all such telescopes, and roughly in proportion to their size.
  • These glasses, however, still hold the field, although glasses are now produced whose irrationality of dispersion has been reduced to a very slight amount.