Sentence Examples

  • According to the Child Development Institute, it has been shown that children with Fragile X who are integrated into "normalized" educational and social environments "achieve above the level that would have been predicted from measured IQ".
  • The Down syndrome adolescent with an IQ of around 50 points does not seem to progress beyond the grammatical level of the normally intelligent child at three years, with short sentences that are restricted in variety and complexity.
  • Their findings pointed to links between social class, race, and intelligence quotient (IQ) scores, despite questions by many about the validity of IQ tests as a measurement of intelligence or a predictor of achievement and success.
  • The ultimate IQ has been shown to be significantly higher in children whose hypothyroidism was detected and treated prior to six weeks of age, compared to those children whose hypothyroidism went untreated for six to 12 weeks.
  • A family of genetic syndromes that are caused by changes in the same gene, Fragile X can result in impairments in a spectrum that ranges from mild learning problems with a normal range IQ to severe developmental disabilities.