Sentence Examples

  • Must remain inviolable; it can never be delivered into the hands of the Assyrian.
  • The advocates of Louis could plead that all his actions down to the dissolution of the National Assembly came within the amnesty then granted, and that the Constitution had proclaimed his person inviolable, while enacting for certain offences the penalty of deposition which he had already undergone.
  • 16 sqq.); relatively, however, he was superior to the rest (with the crude story of his insistence upon the inviolable rights of guests, xix.
  • This was the object of the Declaration of the Four lieclara- Articles: the pope has no power in temporal matters; tion of general councils are superior to the pope in spiritual the Four affairs; the rules of the Church of France are inviolable; Articles, decisions of the pope in matters of faith are only irrevocable by consent of the Church.
  • At last he succumbed to the repeated requests of Girolamo or Geronimo Cardano, who swore that he would regard them as an inviolable secret.