Sentence Examples

  • 10-26 (J), but had also become tainted and corrupted by centuries of Canaanite influence and practice which especially infected the cult of the high places.
  • A similar influence was exerted by him in other branches of the common law; and although, after his retirement, a reaction took place, and he was regarded for a while as one who had corrupted the ancient principles of English law, these prejudices passed rapidly away, and the value of his work in bringing the older law into harmony with the needs of modern society has long been fully recognized.
  • Two barbarous practices had corrupted the social system of the Hindus.
  • Received the northern part of his father's domain, known as Lotharii or Hlutharii Regnum, corrupted later into Lotharingia or Lorraine.
  • They were also called Bonin Jima (corrupted by foreigners into Bonin) because of their being without (bu) inhabitants (nin).