Sentence Examples

  • The most remarkable inundations were those of 1537 and 1740; in the former year the water rose to 8 ft.
  • The mines suffered greatly from inundations in 1868 and 1879, and the soil on which the town is built shows signs of subsidence.
  • Recently upheaved from the sea were spread at low levels with alternate inundations of salt and fresh water.
  • The city, said to be the "Eden" of Charles Dickens's Martin Chuzzlewit, is built on a tongue of land between the rivers, and has suffered many times from inundations, notably in 1858.
  • The valley in which the town is situated used to be subject to inundations, but in 1805 a tunnel was constructed by means of which the surplus waters of the Bied are carried into the Doubs.

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