Sentence Examples

  • Interradial tentacles may be also developed, so that the total number present may be increased to eight or to an indefinitely large number.
  • Preceded by six per cartilaginous margin of the radial and six interradial disk centripetally in the solid larval tentacles).
  • Outer surface of the jellyCartilaginous margin of the like disk; six of these are disk covered by thread perradial, six interradial, cells.
  • - Tropho- some unknown; gonosome, free medusae, with deep, bell-shaped umbrella, with interradial gonads on the base of the stomach, with branched radial canals, and correspondingly numerous hollow tentacles.
  • Primitively there are four perradial tentacles, to which may be added four interradial, or they may become very numerous and are then scattered evenly round the margin, never arranged in tufts or clusters.