Sentence Examples

  • As a German living in England during World War I, he was sent to a British internment camp, where he rigged the hospital bed springs to create a form of exercise machine.
  • Repatriation of Remains Benefit - Covers the cost of returning the person's body to their home for internment or cremation if they happen to die while on their trip.
  • Any honorably discharged veteran is eligible for internment in Arlington, most frequently in the columbarium.
  • He was deposed on April 2 7, and sent to Salonika for internment and safe-keeping; and his successor, as Sultan Murad V., was proclaimed the same day.
  • In the single internment camp of Arad there were 3,400 deaths among the victims from Bosnia alone; and Father Nikolic, a Catholic priest from Istria, testified to having himself buried over 2,000 Istrian victims, and Doctor Martinovic to a knowledge of 8,000 fatal cases in the Styrian camps.