Sentence Examples

  • Most developers make sure that their websites can still communicate the message they want whether JavaScript is enabled or not; others put the interactive parts into other kinds of interactivity such as CSS, AJAX, Flash, and widgets.
  • KS: We provide live interactivity with most major sports teams and leagues (football, basketball, baseball and soccer) during the game, with live game alerts and predictive questions offered during every period.
  • Text editors can be used to develop the core HTML that runs the page, the CSS that styles the page and even the client and server-side scripting that allows for interactivity within the page.
  • Both of these sites, along with many more online, contain video tutorials and usually sample files to take you from your first animation through high-end interactivity and media integration.
  • There, you gain access to all sorts of content and interactivity, including the PlayStation Store.So, what does this have to do with downloading games to the PSP for free?