Sentence Examples

  • You are obliged to disclose all material facts to your current or any future insurer prior to renewal.
  • If a student driver will be going away to attend college and will not be driving during the school year, let the insurer know so the premium reflects that the student does not have access to the vehicle on a year-round basis.
  • Additionally, some employees have the option of choosing the amount of coverage they would like to obtain from their employers, and this can also have an effect on the amount and type of dental coverage received through this insurer.
  • If you choose to change insurance providers, you may also have to change your HSA provider, or you may be faced with higher fees or a lower interst because you are no longer insured with the accompanying insurer.
  • Before this became more common, people of this age may have had trouble obtaining a life insurance policy because they would have been turned down for a policy through another insurer due to their age or health.