Sentence Examples

  • Inspectors and tax-gatherers did their work under police protection, and in several parts of the country riots had to be suppressed menu inililari.
  • The first "detectives" appointed numbered only a dozen, three inspectors and nine sergeants, to whom, however, six constables were shortly added as "auxiliaries," but the number was gradually enlarged as the manifest uses of the system became more and more obvious.
  • Its members are styled inspectors, not agents, and their functions fall under four principal heads.
  • These laws are enforced by mine inspectors of the timber produces falls of ground, making necessary the excavawho are empowered to call upon the courts and other government tion and removal at times of hundreds of tons of heated rock and burning coal, in order to reach the fire.
  • The working of collieries in the United Kingdom is subject to the provisions of the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, as amended by several minor acts, administered by inspectors appointed by the Home Office, and forming a complete disciplinary code in all matters connected with coal-mining.