Sentence Examples

  • After the coup d'Nat of 1851 he became a senator and inspector-general of superior instruction, sat upon the commission for the reform of the Ecole Polytechnique (1854), and, on the 30th of January 1854, succeeded Arago as director of the Paris observatory.
  • The first consul nominated him inspector-general of studies; he succeeded Lalande in 1807 as professor of astronomy at the College de France, and filled the office of treasurer to the imperial university from 1808 until its suppression in 1815.
  • In 1836 he was appointed to the chair of chemistry in the medical faculty at Göttingen, holding also the office of inspector-general of pharmacies in the kingdom of Hanover.
  • He was subsequently appointed chaplain of Chelsea hospital (1824), chaplain-general of the forces (1844-1875) and inspector-general of military schools (1846-1857).
  • In 1864 Dr Brandis was appointed inspector-general of forests to the government of India, and in the following year an act of the legislature was passed (No.