Sentence Examples

  • He gave an insightful presentation on how games can benefit business.
  • In fact, during the first couple of seasons of the original series, the budgeting and focus was on creating vibrant and insightful stories that spoke to enduring ideas about what it is to be human and humane instead of on monsters and gore.
  • In 1956, psychiatrist Erik Erikson provided an insightful description as to how personality develops based on his extensive experience in psychotherapy with children and adolescents from low, upper, and middle-class backgrounds.
  • Later in that same year Scott Rosenberg of wrote about the growing number of "online journalists" who were filling the web with new content from the sublimely insightful to the ridiculously stupid.
  • Providing a loving and supportive home environment can help to nurture an emotionally healthy child who is independent, self-confident, socially skilled, insightful, and empathetic towards others.