Sentence Examples

  • He gave an insightful presentation on how games can benefit business.
  • The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures: Autism Through Art is an insightful book written by Eileen Miller, a mother of a talented young woman named Kim, diagnosed in the autism spectrum of disorders.
  • While it's true that these readings are computer generated, and therefore lack the warmth of having a person do the reading, it's a lot of fun that may still prove insightful.
  • Quirky piano pop - that's really what Tori Amos' music is, but it is her bitingly sarcastic and insightful lyrics that have won her legions of devoted fans around the world.
  • Visit US News and World Report for access to a list of insightful articles such as "10 Great Tech Products for Seniors" and "21 Ways to Reduce Your Retirement Expenses".