Sentence Examples

  • Slavery and Freedom Walk: This educational tour schools visitors about Charleston’s role in slavery and how freedom came about for millions of indentured servants.
  • In October 1818, when he was in his fourteenth year, he was made more than content by being indentured to Ephraim W.
  • When this was done the local legislatures saw that the slaves would no longer work for the masters; they accordingly cut off two years of the indentured apprenticeship, and gave freedom to the slaves in August 1838 instead of 1840.
  • This commission reported in 1909, its general conclusion being that in the interests of Natal the importation of indentured Indian labour should not be discontinued.
  • There are sugar factories, where rum is also distilled and a few other manufactures, but the prosperity of the province depends on the "jungle" products obtained through the natives and from the plantations owned by Portuguese and worked by indentured labour, the labourers being generally "recruited" from the far interior.