Sentence Examples

  • At every point the motion of the lamina will be the same as would have occurred in its absence, the pressure of the waves impinging from behind being just what is required to generate the waves in front.
  • (I) Over the jet surface 4'=m, q=Q, u=-e rr,lm= -berslc, ch SZ=cos n0= e>rsle+I, shS2 =i sin ins =tan ds 2n (3) e2 =tan nO, - c dB sin 2,10' For a jet impinging normally on an infinite plane, as in fig.
  • The motion of a jet impinging on an infinite barrier is obtained by putting j = a, j' = a'; duplicated on the other side of the barrier, the motion reversed will represent the direct collision of two jets of unequal breadth and equal velocity.
  • Each impinging molecule exerts an impulsive pressure equal to mu on the boundary before the component of velocity of its centre of gravity normal to the boundary is reduced to zero.
  • This want of proportionality will have a periodicity, that of the impinging waves, and so will produce vibrations just as does the variation of pressure in the case last investigated.