Sentence Examples

  • He concentrated all his energies on the government and defence of northern and eastern Germany, leaving the southern and western districts to profit by his example, while his policy of refraining from interference in the affairs of the other duchies tended to diminish the ill-feeling which existed between the various German tribes and to bring peace to the country as a whole.
  • Chrysogonus, was sent to the German court to attempt to allay the consequent ill-feeling, but was not received.
  • Sir Isaac Newton, who depended for the perfecting of his lunar theory upon "places of the moon" reluctantly doled out from Greenwich, led the movement for immediate communication; whence arose much ill-feeling between him and Flamsteed.
  • All these books tended to increase the ill-feeling between author and public; the Whig press was virulent and scandalous in its comments, and Cooper plunged into a series of actions for libel.
  • The ill-feeling, influenced by the ravages of members of the order in Poland, culminated in a struggle which began in December 1519.