Sentence Examples

  • It's a fact of living in the United States that most everyone carries around a checkbook, but many people simply place their checkbooks into a briefcase or ill-fitting wallet, causing the checks to become wrinkled and torn.
  • Not only are they not appropriate for a number of occasions, but they are known to cause the dreaded "muffin top" (which can happen when the top of your stomach bulges over ill-fitting jeans).
  • Likewise, men should not wear ill-fitting clothing and should ensure they are properly groomed, so as not to appear as though they could not put forth the effort to be presentable for the occasion.
  • It's far too easy to discern an ill-fitting shirt in the crowd; we've all seen the guy with the baggy or folded sleeves, and no one wants to be in that situation, especially in a formal setting!
  • Buying quality panties saves money over time and provides the best return on wardrobe dollars because ill-fitting, low-quality underpants lose their elasticity quickly due to repeated washings.