Hypostatize Definition

hypostatized, hypostatizes, hypostatizing
hypostatized, hypostatizes, hypostatizing
To think of (a concept, abstraction, etc.) as having real, objective existence.
Webster's New World
To ascribe material existence to.
American Heritage

To make into, or regarded as, a separate and distinct substance; to construct a contextually-subjective and complex abstraction, idea, or concept into a universal object without regard to nuance or change in character.

Progressives are wrong to hypostatize their belief in mankind's eternal advance, and to disavow anything that does not fit this preordained vision. - Cardozo Law Review, February 2005
  • hypostatise

Origin of Hypostatize

  • From Greek hupostatos placed under, substantial from huphistasthai to stand under, exist hupo beneath hypo– histasthai middle voice of histanai to set, place epistasis

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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