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  • Exalbuminous Monocotyledons are either hydrophytes or strongly hygrophilous plants and have often peculiar features in germination.
  • Hydroplzytes and hemi-hydrophytes (aquatic plants).Of marine hydrophytes, there are, in this country, only the grass-wracks (Zostera marina and Z.
  • Such terms as hydrophytes, xerophytes, and halophytes had been used by plant geographers before Warmings time e.g., by Schouw;4 and the terms evidently supply a want felt by botanists as they have come into general use.
  • Which characterize many hydrophytes and hemi-hydrophytes.
  • One of the best known classifications on these lines is that by Warming.1 Warming recognized and defined four ecological classes as follows: Hydrophytes.These live in a watery or wet substratum, with at least 80% of water.

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