Sentence Examples

  • Among his other works are: Det hvide Hus (The White House, 1898), Excentriske Noveller (1885), Stille Eksistenzer (1886), Liv og Dod (Life and Death, (1899), Englen Michael (1902), a volume of poems (1889) and of recollections (Ti Aar, 1891).
  • 'I hus the demand for more steam is automatically responded to by the boiler.
  • Count Litzow in The Life and Times of Master John Hus (London and New York, 1909), pp. 5-9, gives a good abstract of the Defensor pacis and the relations of Marsilius to other precursors of the Reformation.
  • A certain number of Hussites lead by Nicolas of Hus - no relation of John Huss - left Prague.
  • The fairest and most considerable of Palacky's antagonists in the controversy aroused by his narrative of the early reformation in Bohemia was Baron Helfert, who received a brief from Vienna to write his Hus rind Hieronymus (1853) to counteract the impression made by Palacky's History.