Sentence Examples

  • KUTTENBERG (Czech, Kutnd Hora), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 45 m.
  • REICHENBERG (Czech, Liberec), a town of Bohemia, 87 m.
  • During the interval between these peaces, Matthias, in self-defence, again made war on the emperor, reducing Frederick to such extremities that he was glad to accept peace on any terms. By the final arrangement made between the contending princes, Matthias recognized Ladislaus as king of Bohemia proper in return for the surrender of Moravia, Silesia and Upper and Lower Lusatia, hitherto component parts of the Czech monarchy, till he should have redeemed them for 400,000 florins.
  • PARDUBITZ (Czech, Pardubic), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 65 m.
  • In 1879 and 1880 as Rector Magnificus he fought against the introduction of Czech instead of German in the Prague University.