Sentence Examples

  • The method originally used by Huggins, who first conceived and proved the possibility of measuring stellar velocities in the line of sight, was to measure with a filar micrometer the displacement of some well-known line in a stellar spectrum relative to the corresponding line of a terrestrial spectrum.
  • Thaler', Sir William Huggins and H.
  • Huggins, "The Astrolabe" (Astrophysical Journal, 1894); Penny Cyclopaedia, article "Astrolabe;" R.
  • SIR WILLIAM HUGGINS (1824-1910), English astronomer, was born in London on the 7th of February 1824, and was educated first at the City of London School and then under various private teachers.
  • In the last quarter of the 19th century spectroscopy and photography together worked a revolution in observational astronomy, and in both branches Huggins acted as pioneer.