Sentence Examples

  • Attempting to teach your pet to relieve himself in several places is only going to confuse him and make successful housebreaking more difficult.
  • If you have just gotten your pet and he is young, document all the "firsts" such as visits to the vet, housebreaking, new crates or houses and bringing the pet home for the first time.
  • Now that you learned that housebreaking puppies is not impossible, remember that it is best to teach your pet about other rules of the house before they become a nuisance.
  • Housebreaking puppies may seem like an insurmountable task, but your new additions will quickly become part of the family with a little patience and a lot of perseverance.
  • When using a crate during housebreaking, be sure to line the bottom of the crate with towels or newspapers to absorb accidents.