Sentence Examples

  • Henry Percy (Hotspur) and his father, the earl of Northumberland, thought their services ill-requited, and finally made common cause with the partisans of Mortimer and the Welsh.
  • Six years later he was associated with his father in the wardenship of the eastern march of Scotland,, and his zeal in border warfare won the name of Hotspur for him from his opponents.
  • Hotspur was released on the payment of a heavy ransom, to which Richard II.
  • During the first year of Henry's reign Hotspur further was appointed justiciar of North Wales and constable of the castles of Chester, Flint, Conway, Denbigh and Carnarvon.
  • Northumberland and Hotspur barred their way at Millfield, near Wooler, and the Scots were compelled to fight at Humbledon, or Homildon Hill, on the 14th of September.