Sentence Examples

  • This applies to your wedding reception location, too; if you've had your heart set on a particular locale for quite a while, schedule this as soon as possible, particularly if it's a wedding reception hotspot.
  • It also comes loaded with a personal hotspot function, allowing you to take that 3G or 4G connection and convert the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot that can then be shared with up to eight different devices.
  • Sushi Bar, located at Girls Go Games, has you running a restaurant hotspot in L.A. Gameplay is simple: as customers come in, you give them a menu, take their order, serve their food and take their money.
  • Check with your user manual for how to do this, but the notion is that you take the cellular data connection on your phone and translate that into a Wi-Fi hotspot for nearby wireless devices.
  • If you happen to be visiting Fisherman's Wharf, another hotspot for San Francisco tourists, you can continue on to Chinatown by riding one of the classic cable cars.