Sentence Examples

  • The principal peak east of the Salween is on the Loi Lan ridge, 7109 ft.
  • A large kind of fowl known as Lan (from the province Lar, in southern Persia) is said to be a descendant of fowls brought to Persia by the Portuguese in the 16th century.
  • Boris, a town of Sweden, in the district (lan) of Elfsborg, 45 m.
  • KRISTIANSTAD (CHRISTIANSTAD), a port of Sweden, chief town of the district (lan) of Kristianstad, on a peninsula in Lake Sjdvik, an expansion of the river Helge, Io m.
  • The struc ture of the lateral eye of Limulus was first described by Grenacher, and further and more accurately by Lankester and Bourne (5) and by Watase; that of Scorpio by Lan kester and Bourne, FIG.