Sentence Examples

  • As to appeals the mixed council of Cliff at Hoo (747) said they should go to the synod of the province.
  • Due south of Hakumosha-zan begins a chain of three peaks, Suisha-zan (6200 ft.), Hoo-zan (4928), and Niitaka-yama.
  • These five mountains, Hari-zan, Hakumoshazan, Suisha-zan, Hoo-zan and Niitaka-yama, stand almost exactly under 121° E.
  • He was learned in the science of botany, and formed a magnificent collection and a botanic garden at Luton Hoo, where Robert Adam built for him a splendid residence.
  • 497); Livre des Sibiles (i i 60); Enseignements Trebor, by Robert de Ho (= Hoo, Kent, on the left bank of the Medway) [edited by Mary Vance Young, Paris; Picard, IoI; cf.