Sentence Examples

  • Once you have joined a few networks, such as the one for your state, your hometown, your college or employer, for example, you can browse or search those particular people to find more prospects you would like to have as Facebook Friends.
  • Many sites categorize people by their hometown, where they went to school and the different places they have worked, so you can browse through the people who went to your school or search for the name of someone you are looking for.
  • I couldn't chat with her any more and asked her if she had a different phone number if she wanted to chat and she said she was leaving to go back to her hometown for the weekend but later on she would end up calling me.
  • Fox News reported that while many of his "Fro Patrol" fans are cheering on his weekly song picks, some of his hometown supporters are a bit worried about what American Idol will do for his spiritual journey.
  • The best way to learn and refine your skills is to check out other dance teams, and when you bring those teams to your hometown, you'll have the added benefit of being free from travel expenses and fatigue.