Sentence Examples

  • ReconTostind ciliation seemed wit,hin sight when suddenly Tostis tion.
  • The highest points of the range, reckoning from the north, are Halimat el-Kabu (8257 ft.), which has a splendid view; the Fatli block, including Tal'at Musa (8721 ft.) and the adjoining Jebel Nebi Baruh (79 00 ft.); and a third group near Bludan, in which the most prominent names are Shakif, Akhyar and Abu'l-Hin (8330 ft.).
  • Thus foot, digit, palm, cubit, stadium, mile, talent, mina, stater, drachm, obol, pound, ounce, grain, metretes, medimrius, modius, hin and many others mean nothing exact unless qualified by the name of their country or city.
  • The log and kab are not found till the later writings; but the ratio of hin to issaron is practically fixed in early times by the proportions in Num.
  • Epiphanius stating great hin = 18 xestes, and holy hin = 9, must refer to Syrian xestes, equal to 24 and 12 Roman; this makes holy hin as above, and great hin a double hin, i.e.