Sentence Examples

  • In the east of the state much of the valley of each of the larger streams is several feet above the stream's present highwater mark and forms the "hommock" or "second bottom" lands.
  • Standard highwater of 1838 was 3.36 ft.
  • The King's Own was a vast improvement, in point of construction, upon Frank Mildmay; and he went on, through a quick succession of tales, Newton Forster (1832), Peter Simple (1834), Jacob Faithful (1834), The Pacha of Many Tales (1835), Japhet in Search of a Father (1836), Mr Midshipman Easy (1836), The Pirate and the Three Cutters (1836), till he reached his highwater mark of constructive skill in Snarley-yow, or the Dog Fiend (1837).
  • At highwater springs, and affords a good refuge from the east or southeast gales.
  • Above highwater mark, erected in 1831 on the second cliff to the westward, in o° 10' 18" E., 5 0 ° 43' 30" N., has been superseded by a new lighthouse built in the sea at the foot of the head itself.

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