Sentence Examples

  • Whether it's an unintentional bikini slip while a star is on vacation or a high-profile wardrobe mishap during a publicized event, many celebrities end up flashing a lot more skin than they had originally intended.
  • The Los Angeles Superior Court had previously sealed the court documents pertaining to the ongoing custody war between the parents of Sean Preston and Jayden James, due the very high-profile nature of the case.
  • The "It" collection is obviously inspired by the powerful high-profile name of Louis Vuitton, yet it does not seek to pass itself off as Vuitton merchandise, and, therefore, these bags are not replicas.
  • High-profile crimes such as the Columbine High School shootings have made most people much more acutely aware of the potential danger involved in young people acting out in a highly antisocial manner.
  • Given her high-profile pop, Donald Trump, and her role as vice president of real estate development acquisitions in his organization, it's a safe bet that Ivanka Trump doesn't need the daytime gig.