Sentence Examples

  • If you forgo the need for a desktop, that's OK; many laptops have the capabilities to hook up to a HDTV with a hi-def cord or-at the very least-a standard monitor cable.
  • If it does, then you are in luck because you will get a superior picture (especially if the game developers used Hi-Def in the game) and superior sound.
  • One of the main differences is the PS3 uses Blu-ray discs for games, which gives them the ability for larger games and phenomenal Hi-Def gaming.
  • If you can, I'd recommend playing on a Hi-Def television because other traffic and obstacles were easier to see than on a standard analog TV.
  • There will be a Hi-Def alternative soon for upgrading your Xbox 360 Arcade because Microsoft may soon be releasing a Blu-Ray player for it.